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Exterior wood conditioner (50 g)

Exterior wood conditioner (50 g)

A blend of linseed oil and beeswax designed to condition and treat exterior wood structures (benches, chairs, decorative items, etc.). 

  • Uses

    This product may be used over other treatments, or stand alone on previously untreated wood. The piece figured is a Fir board  recovered from a building constructed in 1895. After a thorough, light sanding this piece was treated with the Linseed Oil & Beeswax blend to condition the wood and bring out the details of the wood grain pattern. Apply using a lint free cloth rag. Work the product into the wood and let sit for a few hours or overnight. Use a clean cloth to remove any excess. You may apply a second coat using the same technique described above. Temperature will affect the application process. It is best applied around room temperature. Do not use or store near open flames or heat sources as product is flammable. Do not store used rags with the product in a closed containers. It is best to store used rags by immersing them in a container of water.

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