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Beeswax & Honey Bath Bar Soaps (54g)

Beeswax & Honey Bath Bar Soaps (54g)

Wonderful Beeswax & Honey Bath Bar Soaps that clean and moisturize! These cold-processed soaps contain honey and beeswax from our local hives, as well as Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a few other vegetable-based oils. As with all of our products, we started making Beeswax & Honey Bath Bar Soaps for ourselves, as well as our family and friends. 


Our Beeswax and Honey Bath Bar Soaps have cured for 60 days to firm them up so that they can stand up to lots of use. We have a variety of scents (Cedar, Lavender, Lemon, Orange, Vanilla & Gingerbread Spice), though check for availability. We are happy to work with our customers for special requests (eg. different scents, blends, or soaps with low, or no added scents).


We generally avoid using essential oils and prefer to make our soaps with a variety of locally grown or locally available flowers, herbs, fruits, and other plants. These locally-derived scents are carefully infused into the oils we use to make the soaps. The infusion process takes a minimum of 6 weeks.


Our soaps come in individual cardboard boxes which may be recycled or composted.

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